True to Self

Being aware of who you ARE is good.

Your talents. Your interests

Your capabilities. Your passion

Your goals

But sometimes – It’s not good ENOUGH.

(I know I am a writer, I am a poet, I am a bibliophile , I am a teacher.. .)

But when the world seeks more and you can’t give it what it desires of you.. THAT is when you need to remind yourself exactly what you are NOT.

Me , for instance :-

  • I’m not a musician….

I am just a music admirer.

  • I’m not a singer… .

I am just an average hummer.

  • I am not cold and insensitive…..

I just don’t expect much.

  • I am not absentminded….

I just don’t pay heed to people who aren’t important to me.

  • I am not oblivious…

I just don’t want unexpected confrontations to drain me.

No one is capable of everything. Everyone is supposed to suck at one thing or the other… So , why can’t you?!

Despite being aware of yourself… At times you can’t help but wish that you could do what others can ….

Why? Because you want to satisfy those expectant eyes looking at you… Wanting more….

But before that , think for a minute – Are u ready to trade your capabilities to do something you were not designed to do??

You are not obligated to be perfect.

You are not obligated to make everyone happy.

When you know what you are Good at and what you are Bad at –

It is then you have truly found yourself.

Keep experimenting and have fun.

Laugh at your failures

Beam at your success

Passion + Hard work ➡ That is all you need…

Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t push yourself too hard.

You are not perfect. You’re not supposed to be perfect.

Be true to self. Have fun. And be happy.


~Ravgun Kaur


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