The Wind’s Tale


She liked seeing them smile. She wanted to be the reason for their smile.

She really loved them and a little reciprocation of her love was all the wanted.

When she didn’t get it , she expected at least a little appreciation for all the things she did for them.

She’d blow day and night, sometimes mildly, sometimes harshly just so they would notice her.Leaving a cool sensation on a summer day just so they would appreciate her. She changed her paths, her routes just to be there for them.

She would shake the branches, push the waves higher and higher just for their attention.

And what did they do in return!?

They never admired her or even glanced at her. Never did they appreciate her. Never did they smile when they felt her impact. Never did their eyes show any gratitude.

They ignored when she blew mildly.

They cursed when she blew harshly.

When she wouldn’t blow at all, they called her cruel.

The wind didn’t know what to do? She had tried to adapt to their ways but nothing pleased or satisfied them.

So, God-is-waitingshe prayed to God to tell her the solution. She did this often – praying to summon God so that she could talk to him – but this time God did not come.

“He must be busy…”, she thought.

She decided to wait for a his signs and signals which could pull her out of her misery. For days she waited for some kind of an indication telling her what to do next.

But none came.

So she started thinking. Very sincerely talking to herself.

Did they deserve her concern? No.

Did they deserve her love? No.

Did she need them to notice her to know her worth? No.

Should she change her ways and paths because of them? No.

She was deep in thought when she started to miss flying. She missed the places she would visit, the leaves she would rustle, the peaks she would freeze, the waves she would gush. She missed who she was.

So, she got up and did what needed to be done.

She flew.

She freed herself and expressed her true self. She turned back to who she really was. She was finally happy but still a thought was lingering in her mind about how no one ever appreciated her.

But then she saw it.

windy-treesShe saw what she had always been blind to. The leaves were dancing. Dew drops were racing each other. The waves were wrestling as they were tossed to the shore.The clouds started to pack up for travelling every corner of the world.She had brought life into all these things. And they were grateful for that.

So, she twirled and danced along with them, joining in the beautiful rhythm.

God watched them with a knowing smile, humming along.

Sometimes you need to let go of people. Sometimes you have to trust yourself. Sometimes you need to accept their bitterness. Sometimes you have to stomp over your expectations.

Stop waiting for signs as God will give you none until you get moving. Don’t change yourself  for people. You will only see them appreciate you when you appreciate yourself. Keep your kindness alive.

Be like the windtumblr_n46zf8jB8t1t11472o1_500. Just fly.




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