Do I need to prove it?

If you ask someone if they worry about everyone’s opinion about them, they will answer with a NO. But is this true? Have we never questioned ourselves

“What will people think of me?”

If not directly then I gurantee that you have surely worried about this indirectly.

I made a fool out of myself.

I looked so dumb.

I felt so inferior and intimidated.

Whether it’s your first day at school, a job interview or a quiz competition.

We all have been living in fear without even realising it.

But have you ever wondered

“Do I need to prove it?”

Do I need to prove my worth?

Do I need to prove my intensions?

Do I always have to swear on it?

The answer is NO. No you don’t.Just do your work with zeal and satisfy yourself. 


Now think of the people whom you are scared of.

Are  they perfect.? Do they deserve to judge you? No, they are imperfect and so are you. So what’s the point?!

*I know 😀


So go ahead and- 

  • Eat like a pig. Drop those knives and forks and be comfortable
  • Sing like a crow
  • Dance like a doofus
  • Stammer like a boss
  • Cry like a baby.
  • Wear PJs
  • Or a robe.
  • Be proudly clumsy.

Be you you REALLY are. 

Keep trying new things but remember that the true version of you is the best.

And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to GO TO HELL!


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