Expectations hurt…. So should I stop expecting?

People have hurt me… 

They’ve broken my trust…

They’ve turned me stone cold. Warm blood flows through my veins yet I feel cold and betrayed. I’m surrounded by fear and uncertainty…                                             I cringe when someone offers me a hand.


Is this the right thing? 

Aren’t we meant to do something  better?

Aren’t out lives meant for bigger  accomplishments? 

Are we only meant to live in fear because of the people who hurt us!?

Nope. Our lives are worth living.

About today’s question. If expectations hurt so much, should we seize them? 

The answer is NO!!

Know  why?

Because you don’t want to give them what they want…

By killing your expectations you will be PROVING that they’ve broken you. 

You will give them the pleasure to see that they have killed your hope. 

And not just them. You have to show yourself that you have not been defeated.                                 After all the hardships you want to feel strong and hopeful in order to be satisfied. 

Or do you want to live like a robot without any dreams and emotions?

And if it’s destiny that you are worried about then let me tell you.               Destiny cannot be cheated. What’s going to happen is coming sooner or later.                                     By being preoccupied about the future, you will already be ruining the present.

What’s the point of living gloomily now and fearing about the miseries coming tomorrow? 

Don’t ruin your present by being scared about the future..

So go ahead.. And

  • Fantasize the hell out of everything.
  • Start daydreaming.
  • Plaster a goofy smile on your face.
  • Take loooong sighs.
  • Watch disney movies.
  • Glitter everything up.
  • Show them that they have not killed the spark in you.

But before all this              APPLY A STRICT FILTER. 

Look before you leap and keep in mind to – Examine , Think and                                  Decide. 

DO NOT expect anything from the wrong people…

And before anyone else,                Expect from YOURSELF.

  • Fantasize about YOUR accomplishments
  • Daydream about YOUR future when you finally achieve your goals. 
  • Smile when you are appreciated for you work.
  • Sigh when you are satisfied with your task.

And expect from God… To save you from betrayals. 

But if even after all this… You end up heartbroken then GET UP and MOVE ON…. Karma gets back to all.


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