What’s wrong with being confident?

Have you ever wondered –          “What IS the secret to success?”          So today I’m going to reveal the actual secret ……….                              It is your confidence.


Your confidence in –

                                                                         •Your capabilities

                                                                          • Your appearance                                                      

  • Your intelligence                                                     
  • Your body language

 And most of all – in yourself     

  Never be scared of being WHO YOU  REALLY ARE.

There are many people who will try to tell you otherwise but when you are sure of yourself , others with NEVER dare to doubt you – think of it as a rule of thumb.
Here are a few ways to stay confident –

  • Be comfortable..                                                    
  • Fight the feeling of inferiority.                                      
  • Maintain your appearance.                                               
  • Accept your flaws.                                                  
  •  Think of all your accomplishments.                                           
  • Consider yourself to be the BEST.

Being confident is your biggest weapon against the whole world. Where people are trying to drag you down, you hold on to your dignity and confidence.                                     It can scare your rivals with its magic.

But, keeping in mind today’s question – What’s wrong with being confident?  
Just one thing – EXCESS.                                  Excess of anything is bad. Your insecurities, while they shouldn’t be expressed, shouldn’t be forgotten too. The reason is that they make you strive for being a better person.                                   There is nothing wrong with being confident UNLESS it is way too much.

It is very hard to know the right limit to your confidence..  Too little can crush you , too much can ruin you.                                                          So how to escape from being underestimated without overestimating oneself? 

Good news : You can be perfectly humble as well as confident.
By bowing down in front of God.

And I mean ONLY God. It is not the heavenly era of showing of weaknesses (which EVERYONE has). Once your sensitive spot is revealed, it will be used against you.
So be 100% vulnerable in front of God but 100% self assured for the rest of the world.


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