Should I Care?

Have you ever regretted                           “Not caring enough.”.       Or            “Caring too much.”   ??

I bet you have….. We all have had this regret at least once in a lifetime.So the question is                          “How do I figure out the RIGHT people who deserve my concern?”

Here are a few who do :

1) They are family. 

Before anything else… Remember – If they are family, care for them.             Now I am well aware of the mean family members.. Let’s just say we ALL have at least one of those.        So what about them?                            ->Don’t care if you know they don’t intend well (stand up for yourself) .                                                    -> But if they are just naturally grumpy then my advise for you is to put up with them lovingly and happily, because that’s what family is for.

2) They treat you right.

 If they treat you right ……..                   They have earned it.

3) They respect you.

Now this includes EVERONE because if they respect you, YOU respect them too. Dignity comes first.

4) If they are your animal friends.

No one deserves your love and care like they do.

5) They are a baby.

Cute or not.. All toddlers deserve to be cared for. 😀

6) Honestly,you’ll just know.  

Don’t forget to listen to your gut. This way you won’t fall for devils in disguise.                                                    …………………………………………  Oh and don’t forget to tell –               • The Haters.                                           The people who underestimate          your capabilities.                             Partial people.                           People who never appreciate.   • Judgemental narcissists.                                  TO GO TO HELL!!!!!!!

BUT WAIT…                                        JUST that wasn’t the answer.

Actually the answer is not supposed to be answered..          Know why? Because Caring is Kindness. You can never show enough of it… The one who provides it is twice as blessed as the one who receives it.                            Caring only shows that you have feelings unlike the majority of human population.Though you can end up hurting yourself by caring for the wrong people, don’t lose this trait.                                                              ♥     As stupid as this sounds.♥

So memorize this with heart-

Caring is kindness which requires carefulness.”                                             Don’t lose it but don’t                           let it lose.


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