Good needs Bad.

Every good needs bad.

Unless you’ve read a bad book, you won’t know what a good one is.

Unless you’ve been in a bad situation, you won’t know what a good one is.

Unless you’ve had a wound, you won’t know what a scratch is.

Unless you’ve known poverty, you won’t know what abundance is.

Unless you’ve known despair, you won’t know what bliss is.

Unless you’ve known fake love, you won’t know what a real one is.

Unless you’ve done something bad, you won’t know what a good deed is.

But why am I telling you this? 

Because there are things which hold us back. There are demons in our minds which scare us and keep us from moving on; from moving forward.

We tend to quit very quickly. 

When we have a bad experience with things, we try not to face that again and simply quit in order to avoid our problems. 

But think again…..

Is it right?

Is it right to keep yourself trapped in a mental cage fearing that something could go wrong?

So go ahead and –

  • Demolish those walls around yourself.
  • Have that conversation.
  • Catch that bus.
  • Wear that dress.
  • Forget the haters.
  • Stop fearing regrets.
  • Start appreciating lessons.
  • Stop biting your nails.
  • Just Discover the Beauty Around You.

      Do not let the shoves keep you from pushing.
      And also Dont forget to keep an armor on.(for the sake of precaution😁)

      And maybe a frying pan too.😉

      ~Ravgun Kaur 💛


      True to Self

      Being aware of who you ARE is good.

      Your talents. Your interests

      Your capabilities. Your passion

      Your goals

      But sometimes – It’s not good ENOUGH.

      (I know I am a writer, I am a poet, I am a bibliophile , I am a teacher.. .)

      But when the world seeks more and you can’t give it what it desires of you.. THAT is when you need to remind yourself exactly what you are NOT.

      Me , for instance :-

      • I’m not a musician….

      I am just a music admirer.

      • I’m not a singer… .

      I am just an average hummer.

      • I am not cold and insensitive…..

      I just don’t expect much.

      • I am not absentminded….

      I just don’t pay heed to people who aren’t important to me.

      • I am not oblivious…

      I just don’t want unexpected confrontations to drain me.

      No one is capable of everything. Everyone is supposed to suck at one thing or the other… So , why can’t you?!

      Despite being aware of yourself… At times you can’t help but wish that you could do what others can ….

      Why? Because you want to satisfy those expectant eyes looking at you… Wanting more….

      But before that , think for a minute – Are u ready to trade your capabilities to do something you were not designed to do??

      You are not obligated to be perfect.

      You are not obligated to make everyone happy.

      When you know what you are Good at and what you are Bad at –

      It is then you have truly found yourself.

      Keep experimenting and have fun.

      Laugh at your failures

      Beam at your success

      Passion + Hard work ➡ That is all you need…

      Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t push yourself too hard.

      You are not perfect. You’re not supposed to be perfect.

      Be true to self. Have fun. And be happy.


      ~Ravgun Kaur

      The Little Ant

      The little ant walked away;

      Walked away and hid.

      It turned a corner in its way

      And gradually, down it slid.

      Lowered his head and cried

      Of hurt.  Not because he was tired;

      And how they said he never tried

      This is why he was fired.

      They said he wasn’t good enough;

      They said he was a slob;

      They said he was feeble, not so tough;

      Making a mess his only job.

      Wiping the cheeks’ dampness;

      Up he slowly rose.

      After a moment of weakness;

      Fighting was what he chose.

      He cried his heart out;

      But then emerged as a hero.

      Blocked out the screams and shouts;

      And began again as a neo.

      He climbed up and fell;

      Shouted others,” So did I tell!”

      Sqeezing his eyes shut,

      He made it all the way.

      Overcoming pain and hurt;

      Triumphed at the end of the day.

      The Wind’s Tale


      She liked seeing them smile. She wanted to be the reason for their smile.

      She really loved them and a little reciprocation of her love was all the wanted.

      When she didn’t get it , she expected at least a little appreciation for all the things she did for them.

      She’d blow day and night, sometimes mildly, sometimes harshly just so they would notice her.Leaving a cool sensation on a summer day just so they would appreciate her. She changed her paths, her routes just to be there for them.

      She would shake the branches, push the waves higher and higher just for their attention.

      And what did they do in return!?

      They never admired her or even glanced at her. Never did they appreciate her. Never did they smile when they felt her impact. Never did their eyes show any gratitude.

      They ignored when she blew mildly.

      They cursed when she blew harshly.

      When she wouldn’t blow at all, they called her cruel.

      The wind didn’t know what to do? She had tried to adapt to their ways but nothing pleased or satisfied them.

      So, God-is-waitingshe prayed to God to tell her the solution. She did this often – praying to summon God so that she could talk to him – but this time God did not come.

      “He must be busy…”, she thought.

      She decided to wait for a his signs and signals which could pull her out of her misery. For days she waited for some kind of an indication telling her what to do next.

      But none came.

      So she started thinking. Very sincerely talking to herself.

      Did they deserve her concern? No.

      Did they deserve her love? No.

      Did she need them to notice her to know her worth? No.

      Should she change her ways and paths because of them? No.

      She was deep in thought when she started to miss flying. She missed the places she would visit, the leaves she would rustle, the peaks she would freeze, the waves she would gush. She missed who she was.

      So, she got up and did what needed to be done.

      She flew.

      She freed herself and expressed her true self. She turned back to who she really was. She was finally happy but still a thought was lingering in her mind about how no one ever appreciated her.

      But then she saw it.

      windy-treesShe saw what she had always been blind to. The leaves were dancing. Dew drops were racing each other. The waves were wrestling as they were tossed to the shore.The clouds started to pack up for travelling every corner of the world.She had brought life into all these things. And they were grateful for that.

      So, she twirled and danced along with them, joining in the beautiful rhythm.

      God watched them with a knowing smile, humming along.

      Sometimes you need to let go of people. Sometimes you have to trust yourself. Sometimes you need to accept their bitterness. Sometimes you have to stomp over your expectations.

      Stop waiting for signs as God will give you none until you get moving. Don’t change yourself  for people. You will only see them appreciate you when you appreciate yourself. Keep your kindness alive.

      Be like the windtumblr_n46zf8jB8t1t11472o1_500. Just fly.



      Do I need to prove it?

      If you ask someone if they worry about everyone’s opinion about them, they will answer with a NO. But is this true? Have we never questioned ourselves

      “What will people think of me?”

      If not directly then I gurantee that you have surely worried about this indirectly.

      I made a fool out of myself.

      I looked so dumb.

      I felt so inferior and intimidated.

      Whether it’s your first day at school, a job interview or a quiz competition.

      We all have been living in fear without even realising it.

      But have you ever wondered

      “Do I need to prove it?”

      Do I need to prove my worth?

      Do I need to prove my intensions?

      Do I always have to swear on it?

      The answer is NO. No you don’t.Just do your work with zeal and satisfy yourself. 


      Now think of the people whom you are scared of.

      Are  they perfect.? Do they deserve to judge you? No, they are imperfect and so are you. So what’s the point?!

      *I know 😀


      So go ahead and- 

      • Eat like a pig. Drop those knives and forks and be comfortable
      • Sing like a crow
      • Dance like a doofus
      • Stammer like a boss
      • Cry like a baby.
      • Wear PJs
      • Or a robe.
      • Be proudly clumsy.

      Be you you REALLY are. 

      Keep trying new things but remember that the true version of you is the best.

      And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to GO TO HELL!

      Who is God? 

      Many minds might’ve questioned this.

      Out of love, out of doubt or out of curiosity, we sometimes look up at the sky and ask ,”Who is God?”


      ~ As a kid, I was told by my father that God lives within you. I believed it.

       So, my mind pictured him like this.

      That belief is God.


      ~ As I’ve grown older, I have started to think that his voice echoes inside us. 

      God talks to our soul and guides it. So, when our soul and conscience says something.

      That voice is God.


      Now, when I say that I hear my soul, I don’t mean that I always listen to it.
      I am a sinner and I know it. I’m not proud of it.I am ashamed and guilty.

      But that is the key.

      Guilt is what keeps you human. It is what tells you that you’ve done something wrong. 

      It haunts you at nights.

      It clouds your mind.

      It blurs your eyes and chokes your breath.

      THAT guilt is God.


      •Now imagine yourself being carried away by strong gushes of waves. 

      Drowning in a river, moving towards the falls. You are trying to breathe and reach the shore but in vain.

      Suddenly, you see a log near the edge.

      So you calm your nerves, steady yourself and as you reach near it….. you grasp it, as tight as you can.

      The water is still getting in your nostrils and the flow is still strong.

      Your grasp on the log is the only thing saving you.

      You slowly start moving towards the shore, still holding that log. Finally, you get out.

      Now, what did that log do? 

      Did the log pull you out? Did it hold you? Did it carry you? 

      No. You did that yourself.

      But it still saved you by showing you the way out.

      If it hadn’t been there, you would’ve drowned. But at the same time, it did nothing. It just was there for you to hold onto. It watched you as you struggled but let you win your own fight.

      That log is God.


      God is anything you want him to be.
      He is the first ray of sunshine which strikes you everyday.

      He is the cold touch of wind which tingles your senses. 

      The warmth of a summer afternoon 

      or the mist of a winter morning.

      God is family. He’s your best friendwho knows you better than you know yourself. 

      So go ahead

      • Share your secrets with him. 
      • Talk to him about your problems.
      • Say you messed up.
      • Say you’re sorry.
      • Say that you love him.
      • Or that you’re angry with him.
      • Say you are thankful that he made you so awesome. 
      • Say ANYTHING.

      I’m sure he won’t mind.

        P.S – This is a tiny speck of my outlook towards our most wonderful friend up there. Everyone has their own way of seeing and feeling God.

        Like I said,

        “He is who you want him to be.” ❤

        Expectations hurt…. So should I stop expecting?

        People have hurt me… 

        They’ve broken my trust…

        They’ve turned me stone cold. Warm blood flows through my veins yet I feel cold and betrayed. I’m surrounded by fear and uncertainty…                                             I cringe when someone offers me a hand.


        Is this the right thing? 

        Aren’t we meant to do something  better?

        Aren’t out lives meant for bigger  accomplishments? 

        Are we only meant to live in fear because of the people who hurt us!?

        Nope. Our lives are worth living.

        About today’s question. If expectations hurt so much, should we seize them? 

        The answer is NO!!

        Know  why?

        Because you don’t want to give them what they want…

        By killing your expectations you will be PROVING that they’ve broken you. 

        You will give them the pleasure to see that they have killed your hope. 

        And not just them. You have to show yourself that you have not been defeated.                                 After all the hardships you want to feel strong and hopeful in order to be satisfied. 

        Or do you want to live like a robot without any dreams and emotions?

        And if it’s destiny that you are worried about then let me tell you.               Destiny cannot be cheated. What’s going to happen is coming sooner or later.                                     By being preoccupied about the future, you will already be ruining the present.

        What’s the point of living gloomily now and fearing about the miseries coming tomorrow? 

        Don’t ruin your present by being scared about the future..

        So go ahead.. And

        • Fantasize the hell out of everything.
        • Start daydreaming.
        • Plaster a goofy smile on your face.
        • Take loooong sighs.
        • Watch disney movies.
        • Glitter everything up.
        • Show them that they have not killed the spark in you.

        But before all this              APPLY A STRICT FILTER. 

        Look before you leap and keep in mind to – Examine , Think and                                  Decide. 

        DO NOT expect anything from the wrong people…

        And before anyone else,                Expect from YOURSELF.

        • Fantasize about YOUR accomplishments
        • Daydream about YOUR future when you finally achieve your goals. 
        • Smile when you are appreciated for you work.
        • Sigh when you are satisfied with your task.

        And expect from God… To save you from betrayals. 

        But if even after all this… You end up heartbroken then GET UP and MOVE ON…. Karma gets back to all.